The mission of Sai Baba is self-allotted and springs from the source of His free and redeemed Spirit. He willed Himself a body because He wanted to fulfil a mission of awakening man to his true self and divine nature. He wanted to lead them to salvation by saving them from delusion and ignorance. He stands there eternally to help out and give solace to His children who are bruised with the miseries of this world through the passage of centuries. Thus His sacred mission is to awaken, elevate, transform and comfort His children. These are the visible acts of Baba. But, He also had a much bigger role to play in the administration of the Universe - in its creation, sustenance and destructions. He saw God in every living being. It was His duty to take the created to the creator - i.e. to evolve human beings to the state of God - which is their real self. (Guruji Shri C. B. Satpathy)

It is amazing that though He is not present in body, ever increasing number of people hear and experience the same blessed, intimate and powerful assurance Why fear when I am here!