Purity : Baba never approved of austerity for the sake of austerity. He emphasized the need for inner purification than outer austerities. No amount of physical and external cleansing would serve any purpose if the man remained impure in mind and heart. Therefore, Baba cautioned His devotees not to make austerity as an end itself, least they should indulge in physical mortification. His spiritual radiance brought about such transformation in the seekers that they inclined away from the impurities in word, deed or thought. Baba never preached in this regard, He radiated such influence that absorbed the impure tendencies and prepared the aspirant to keep himself chaste, pure, simple and upright, so as to be fit to receive His Grace.

Compassion : Baba Himself was the epitome of compassion and love. It was this ‘love aspect’ of Him that He embodied Himself to help the suffering lot. The warmth of His divine compassion touched all the creatures equally. Baba often told His devotees, ‘Never turn away anybody from your door, be it a human being or animal’. At several instances He identified Himself with any form like dog, horse, cow or even a fly, to prove His presence in the consciousness of all the creatures.

O Sai, the Ocean of Compassion bless your children with a drop of your compassion.