Baba's Limitless Powers Sai Baba had limitless powers, which He was most reluctant to show but was compelled to exercise to sow the seed of Faith in his devotees. Sai Baba’s miracles are  a sure sign of His divine descent.

Baba’s miracles should not become more important than Himself then surely they defeat their own purpose as their prime objective is to sow the seed of Faith and pull the devotee towards the spiritual path. Temporal benefits were given by means of miracle and the man who got a temporal benefit is pushed in the spiritual direction with faith. They act as an incentive to a further understanding of His divine nature and purpose.

God, the Almighty, has four attributes, they are unlimited existence, unlimited power, unlimited knowledge and unlimited love. Perfect Masters, working on behalf of God and carrying on the Divine game, possess these powers but always use them for the good of the devotees and scarcely for their own good.

Baba’s miracles are never ending and run into volumes, a few have been narrated in “Life of Sai Baba” written by Shri Narasimha Swami (3 volumes) and “Shri Sai Satcharitra” by Anna Saheb Dabholkar.

In fact, Baba never performed miracles. They occur spontaneously. The Perfect Masters generally do not create miracles, God creates miracles for them - (Guruji Shri C.B.Satpathy). The very fact off his perfect realisation, in its interaction with the nature, caused the 'miracle' to take place. These were conceived by the devotees as His thrilling 'Leela' (Divine play). He demonstrated through His utterances and miracles, the purpose for which He had come. He would often say, "My Leela is inscrutable". Baba's ‘Leelas' (Divine plays) were abundant , we recount just a few here: