Sai Baba made the 'Guru' (the Master), a profound base of the path of devotion.   The spiritual impulse is certainly latent in every individual heart, but it needs great inspiration and compulsion to bring it to the surface.

Baba offered that inspiration through his own account brimming with love for his Master. He said, "How can I describe his (Guru's) love for me? When he was in spiritual trance, I sat and gazed at him. We were both filled with bliss. I cared not to turn my eyes upon anything else.  Night and day I pored upon his face with an ardor of love that banished hunger and thirst. The Guru's absence even for a second made me restless. I meditated on nothing but the 'Guru' and had no goal or object other than the 'Guru'. Wonderful indeed the art of my 'Guru'.  I wanted nothing but the Guru and he wanted nothing but this intense love from me."  The significant feature stressed by Sai Baba in his own example and words is the great importance of developing this devotion to one's Guru.  It is seeing God in the Guru. This was a self-projected ideal of a ‘Guru’ that motivated innumerable seekers who came in contact with Sai Baba.