Shri Sai reiterated the essentiality of complete surrender to the ‘Guru’ with his own example when he said pointing to his physical frame, “This body is my house. I am not here. My Guru (Master) has taken me away”.

One who reaches the feet of fully realized spiritual masters, must surrender his body, mind and soul to the Guru. The spiritual benefit accruing to an aspirant of the path is in measure in which the surrender to the Master is done. The more he gives himself the more he receives. Perfect Master say ‘Give us all you have, we will give you all we possess’

Infact, the spiritual mentor works harder to help the aspirant to make a total surrender to himself. At times Baba adopted shock tactics to weaken or eliminate the ego of the seeker.

There was a supreme peerless quality in Baba’s personality which made all those who came in his contact, feel the urge to surrender to him. Sai Baba was in the truest sense a Guru incarnate, who naturally attracted people and they were willing and anxious enough to surrender to him. He said, ‘Keep still and I will do the rest’. The tremendous power of the Guru is working, all that the seeker has to do is to refrain from obstructing it ! This is only possible if the surrender is complete.