Baba's Remarkable Yoga Practices

Sai Baba's all embracing kindness and omnipresence was well known to all his devotees.

Sai Baba was an exceptional Yogi. He had achieved great prowess in various Yogic actions right in his childhood. Exactly how much excellence he had attainted no one knew. He used to cure people of various ailments and yet he never accepted any payments in return. People came to him from far corners of the country for these Yogic cures. Poor people who were suffering from serious ailments and who had heard of his miraculous curative powers used to come to Baba and get cured. As a consequence of his ability to take upon himself the pain and sufferings of others he faced tremendous difficulties and suffered unimaginable pain. One particular instance is cited in Sai Satcharitra as evidence of this aspect of Baba's love for humanity. Once on Deepawali Baba was sitting beside his Dhuni and while enjoying the warmth of the bonfire he was feeding the Dhuni with firewood. 

The flames were getting bigger and brighter. Suddenly Baba put his hand in the fire instead of firewood. His hand was badly scorched. Madhav the servant and Madhav Rao Deshpande when they realized what Baba was doing ran to Baba and forcibly pulled him away from the fire. Madhav Rao asked Baba, "Deva, why did you do this?" Baba replied "A short distance from here a blacksmith's wife was busily working the bellows at the smithy when her husband called out to her. She quickly ran to her husband leaving the baby near the fire. When she was away accidentally the baby fell into the fire. Promptly I put my hand into the fire and rescued the baby. I am not sorry that my hand is burnt but I am very happy that I saved the live of an innocent baby."

When Nana Saheb Chandorkar learnt that Baba had burnt his hand he immediately sent Dr. Parmanand with necessary medicines. Dr. Parmanand requested Baba to permit him to dress his wound but Baba refused. Bhagoji Shinde - a devotee who was suffering from Leprosy was allowed to dress Baba's burnt hand. 

Everyday, Bhagoji would rub ghee on the wound, place a leaf on it and then tie a tight bandage. Chandorkar repeatedly begged Baba to get the burn examined by doctors and  take proper treatment but Baba would not agree. When Dr. Parmanand begged him to let him treat the wound Baba brushed him aside saying "Allah alone is my doctor". Bhagoji continued to nurse the hand till Baba took Samadhi. In truth Baba did not require this nursing but he let Bhagoji serve him - such was Baba's love and such his way of granting grace to his devotees.

Baba used to perform wondrous 'Leelas'. There is a specially endearing one about Baby Khaparde. Dada Saheb Khaparde's (of Amrawati) wife had been staying at Shirdi with her younger son. The child had caught plague, was running high fever and had swollen glands.  Mrs. Khaparde was extremely worried and decided to go back to Amrawati. That evening when Baba was passing by 'Vada' (now Samadhi Mandir), in the course of his evening walk Mrs. Khaparde went to Baba and said in a tremulous voice, "Baba my son is suffering from plague hence I want to go back home". Baba, in a very affectionate  tone said to her "the sky is over cast, when the clouds disperse there will be light again", saying this to Mrs. Khaparde he lifted his Kafani and all present saw the four egg size swollen glands. Baba said, "see how I suffer for my Devotees! Their sufferings are mine".

Baba's heart was full of compassion for his Devotees. He loved them as his own children and took their pain and sufferings upon himself.