Experiences of the devotees who prayed Baba in desperate times / difficult times / turned their difficulties to Him
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Dear Sai Devotees,

Om Shri Sai

Our dearest and most revered Shri Sai Maharaj helped my family through I think one of the greatest ordeals any family can face. During the period of 1994-1996, when we had put up our factory in Madras, we came into great financial problems and my family members into great physical trauma. We never knew, whether the next day, we could see the chimney blowing or we could pay the salaries or buy raw materials. There was a huge pressure from banks and financial institutions and as is the rule of the world no one helps when you are in trouble. But Baba was watching us. Through some friends and some past knowledge about Baba, we turned all our difficulties to him and believe me things, which were impossible to happen, started happening. It is a very long story full of experiences but in a short way I would like to say that Baba saw us through otherwise today we would have probably not been or been on the roads. I don't know whether we have him in our hearts or not, but one thing is for sure, he has us in his hearts. We just have to give him Shradha and Saburi - and the best part is that he helps you here as well- otherwise who are we to give him. Here I would also like to thank my dear friends - Prasanna, Ravi and Priya for turning this inspiration into a reality and making this site happen. I know you would say that it is Baba who did this, yes, but through you.


Jai Sai Ram
During the year 1999, I had faced many difficulties in my family life and when I started praying Great Satguru Sri Shirdi Sai Baba, I am experiencing miracles with Baba in every day life.† My total devotion towards Baba for the last one-year has helped me to recover from a great disaster and now I am gradually getting into normal with the grace and blessings of Baba. Here I would like to share my one of recent experiences with Baba is, I got good job in my line (by the way now I am in Auckland, NZ), both of my bosses are Kiwis and devotees of Baba, and they like very much Indian culture.† I believe that Baba had sent me to work with like-minded people. For this job I had attended for an interview on Thursday, and on the same day I got appointment. I invite the Sai devotees to contact me, if it is OK for them to share the divine of Great Baba.

Om Sai Sri Sai Jai Jai Sai.

Akhilandakoti Bramhanda Nayaka Rajadhiraja, Sri Yogiraja, Parabramha, Sri Sachidananda Samartha Sadguru Sainath Maharaj ki Jai

I was worried about my debts as well as I heard that our company might be closed. I was praying to Baba and the next day I received news that there is an increment for me. Then I came and opened my e-mail and saw a mail from Baba that "those who have faith on me I will be there to save you". I was really happy that I received the message from Baba. Really it was wonderful I donít know how to express my feelings.

Mrs. RevathySriram

Jai Sai Ram.

Baba always helped me at the time of my need. There are many experiences to share with you, but here is the recent one.†

I was returning from coaching at 8:30 p.m. with and suddenly my two-wheelerís tire got punctured and was stopped. I couldnít find a telephone nearby and there were no streetlights too. At that moment unable to understand what to do, I prayed "BABA HELP ME, PLEASE LET THIS VEHICLE BE ALL RIGHT AND SEND ME SAFELY TO MY HOME." Instantly I had a glance of Baba while my eyes were closed and this filled me with confidence.

Then suddenly I saw a milkman coming in white dress with white cap. I explained my problem to him and he helped me. He was like a messenger of Baba to me. I tried to offer some money to him, which he refused to accept. I safely reached home and thanked Baba for timely help.†

May god bless that milkman.†



Ours is a small family my dad, mom my wife and me. There are so many experiences where we realized that SAI JI is our driving force and he leads us to our destination.††

This is one experience, we owned a shared property in the form of big house in AP with our relatives. We have made considerable investment in it and suddenly our relatives decided to dispose their portion. Our well-invested house was in trouble.†

As we were in another city and we decided to dispose that property. To our surprise no one came forward to take that home. As the home remained vacant we were paying loan interests and this put us especially my father in lot of mental trauma and finally our small family was with out peace.† Though weíve been in SAI JIís worship before this happened, we never realized to pray HIM to pull out of this mental trauma and losses.††
My parents daily read the SAI LEELA and SAI asthotharam, with in months (I say DAYS) a good person approached us, and in days we could dispose that house.† After this to our surprise a chain of events happened that we bought another home in city and near so SAI JI temple and the whole locale is filled with SAIJI worshippers. MIRACLE.††

I got opportunities in further studies, with in a year I got married and after that in short time we got abroad chances thrice and the third one for a job in Europe.†

We are very much thankful to SAI JI and we are nothing without our GURU and our GOD SAI JI.
OM SAI SRI SAI JAYA JAYA SAI.† We pray SAI to keep us always at HIS LOTUS FEET.


With the blessing of Shri Sai Baba I have come across once incident, which took place on 1st April-01 at Sai Mandli Malleshwaram B'lore where in a miracle happened that I was so depressed in my life I cried in the temple & was about to come out of temple a old person whom I have not seen came to me from inside the temple & gave a photo of Baba's with the flower. I was totally happy this as I had prayed that I should get a flower from his holy feet, which would enlighten my life.

Baba's grace should be there on everybody


Recently I was going through a lot of Guilt feelings and a dilemma over something that I could not forgive myself. I kept praying to Baba and asked him to be with me. I pleaded that I should at least be able to see his picture somewhere in the hall where I stood although I was not at all hopeful of finding one in that place at all.

Suddenly I found myself searching for a document in the shelf which was full of old books and Lo be hold there lay two wonderful pictures of Baba! He is all forgiving and I understood his greatness that very moment.

Rangashri Kishore

I have been a typical atheist from my childhood. I never felt the need of worshipping and having Faith in God. I thought all my progress and good life was because of my atheism and rational thinking in life.

On 2nd November 1998 an incident gave birth to a stern, unshakable belief in Shri Shirdi Sai Baba. I felt His Omnipresence.

I provide horse on loan for wedding. On that day I finished my work and was back home in Karol Bagh by 11:30 p.m. I had my dinner, talked to my wife about the day, asked the son about himself and went of to sleep. At quarter past midnight my servant informed me that the mare had broken free of its halter and runaway. It was not traceable.

Immediately, I boarded my motorcycle and went of in search of it. I searched for four hours but all in vain. I had asked more than a score people of the where about of the horse, but every time I drew blank. I became very worried and panicky.

Then out of sheer desperation, I donít know how, almost involuntarily, I prayed fervently to Shri Shirdi Sai Baba. I pleaded with him and said that "As you got back Chand Patel's horse, get back mine also."

The moment I finished my impassioned appeal. I saw a man, clad simply, in a white dhoti. I asked him about my runaway horse. He directed me to a by-lane and said, "The horse is tied to a past in that lain." To my tense mind he appeared like an Angel or messenger of God. At 3:00a.m. , I entered that deserted lane with some trepidation and hope beating in my heart. I traveled to a pole. My eyes filled with tears of joy and relief. The almighty has compassion for even atheists and non-believers like me. It did not matter to him that the person had been skeptic and had always doubted his powers, his manifestation, and even his very existence.

This true incident was the cornerstone of my life. I now regularly visit Shri Sai Baba temple located at Lodhi road, Chaterpur, New Delhi on Thursdays. Now I fully acknowledge that all progress and prosperity in my life is due to God.