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Dear  Sai bandu's 

Sai Ram  
Here is a  Great  "Sai Boon"  for Sai devotees from Sri Sai in the form of   
"Sri Sai Sathcharitha Sravanam" (telugu)  for 7 days. You can listen life history of Sri Sai Baba,(Hemadri panth) as Parayanam for 7 days with given bellow site,  with the blessings of Sri Sai I come across this site yesterday , If you know telugu please go through this site and enjoy the Sri Sai Sathcharitha Sravanam and tell other Sai Bandhu's also to visit the site   
Sri Sai Sathcharitha Sravanam (Paarayanam)--for 7 days

May Sai bless all of us with Shradha, Saburi, Sarvasyasharanam 

Hello.  I am doing research on all spiritual and cultural house blessings.  Can you tell me if your faith has a house blessing you 
can share with me.  Please let me know of any historical reference as well. 
Thank you kindly.  

Cassandra Deehring

We are devotees of Shirdi and Satya Sai Baba. We feel both are one and the same. We do bhajans every Thursday evening. We go to Sai center in our place for bhajan every Sunday.
Sai ram

Sarita Malladi

My Dear Sai brothers and sisters.

Please visit the following web sites and drink the nectar.

With best regards and in the service of Lord Sai Nath of Shirdi

Gopalarao Ravada