Experiences of the devotees who were cured from diseases
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Dear Sai Devotees,†

OM SRI SAI RAM, I would like to share my recent experience with Sai Devotees about how Shri Sai pulled my friend from a very† critical health condition.†

It was in the month of April 2000, I called my friendís home in Canada to know that he is in intensive care Unit (for two months) with a massive third Cardiac arrest followed with multiple ailments. Doctors have not given any Hope and are waiting to pass the critical period.† I rushed to their house with Saiís picture and Udi (sacred ash) in my pocket and praying Baba. I went to hospital with his spouse and two little kids. I silently prayed in the Heart that Sai if you are Here, You must Help to revive the condition of this patient.†

I took out the Sai Picture and Udi from my pocket, which was then mailed from one of the ardent Sai devotee in New Jersey, USA I requested the ailing patientís spouse to place the Sai Picture on his chest and sincerely pray Lord Sai "Please reconcile the condition of my Husband and I shall be ever indebted to you". The lady did prayers and took a pinch of Udi and put it in his mouth. The patient was on intravenous and Oxygen pipes then with closed eyes. I prayed in the heart of mine "O Lord Sai, please shower your richest blessing on this traumatic and depressed family. Reassure your faith and miracles on this patient." Doctors are still waiting for countdown at this hour.††

Trust me, the miracle of Sai happened on the next day, the patient was able to move and open his eyes slightly, which gave everyone a ray of hope for survival. Doctors declared that critical moment is gone now. He should revive in a couple of days. Since then I kept on inquiring about the condition of the patient, One week later I could directly speak to the patient in Hospital over the phone and was glad to hear his Voice once again, "Ravi I am improving now."

If BABA had not showered his Blessings, the whole family would have been in distress by now.†

Now the patient is at home and living a normal life with slight care and supervision on and off from the specialists. However, those moments are unforgettable for me in the Hospital.†


Ravinder Thota

I always believed in God, but ever since I started believing in Sai Baba, I feel I have become a much better person. It was 10th September 97, and my father had a massive heart attack. It shook up the entire family. It was Wednesday morning. The very next day, I went to Shirdi Sai Baba temple at Chhatarpur, and went and prayed for my fatherís good health. My mother joined me at the temple and both of us prayed to Baba for his good health. After visiting the temple my mother and me went back to the hospital to meet my father and we put the Vibhuti which we got from the temple on my fathers chest, and again prayed to Baba to take care of him. Since that day, my father has been doing well in health and I started going to the Sai Baba temple frequently. In fact I even believe that I have had Baba's Darshan. In October 99, I was going to the Sai Baba temple in Chatterpur and just as I had washed my hands to go inside the temple, I saw a thin man just dressed like Baba in a dhoti staring at me, with that same calm look on his face and a little smile. For a second I could not take my mind off him and kept looking back. As I went inside the temple I just could not concentrate, since I could not believe what I had seen outside, and quickly came outside the temple after doing my prayers inside. I went out and looked at the same place where I had seen that man a few minutes ago but there was nobody there. I asked a few people around if they had seen anybody dressed like†
that with that appearance sometime back and they all said no. I told this incident to a lot of my friends and they all do not believe that it was Baba, but till date I have a firm belief that I saw Baba that day and on that account consider myself lucky.†

I have never been to Shirdi but I would really like to go there and meet Baba. I have a firm faith in Baba and believe that he is watching me all the time in all I do and he has always been with me whenever I needed him.††

I used to love going to the Sai Baba temple at Chatterpur in Delhi but I just moved to Washington in march this year and miss going there. Most of the temples in this area do not have Babaís Murti. I really wish that I can see Baba again very soon.†
Have faith in him, and he will lead you through.†

Jai Sai ram.†


† Vandana.

I was diagnosed with fluid in the right lung- mixing BABA'S Udi (sacred ash) with water and drinking the same every night along with prayer's to BABA by my mother, wife and me cured me from the disease. The further tests envisaged after thirty days with general all-round improvement.

Similarly last year when I was down with malaria my platelets count dropped to dangerous levels and prayer to Baba along with his Udi mixed with water restored the count to above normal levels†


Ravi Prasad

I can never forget SAI BABA who saved my daughter who had lost her walking power due attack of paraplegia (bone TB) in backbone. Doctors at AIIMS New Delhi had declared that she could survive only after operation of the backbone considered to be dangerous with lesser chances of success.

A friend devotee of Sai Baba for many years came to know about my daughters operation and visited my daughter when I had gone home to fetch breakfast for my daughter. He met me at home and informed that he had been to my daughter and gave Sai Bhabuti (sacred ash) brought from Shirdi and also prayed for her recovery. When I went to hospital in the afternoon my daughter was all smiles and laughing as also other patients. After applying Bhabuti she said she felt like pulling her left leg and little after right one. Both the legs started moving after remaining almost dead for 4 months. Doctors came and declared that only God has to cure her and their operation would not be necessary. It became news in their AIIMS and people did come to us for similar blessings. We advised them to pray to SAI Nath and assured them it was HIS Chamatkar (miracle). My daughter was had lost the job due to illness. Gradually she was discharged from AIIMS in a week and brought home where was bed ridden for over two years. And ultimately with blessing of SAI Baba she regained her strength and we had entire family gone to pilgrimage at Shirdi to thank HIM for his blessings and saving a human being. Now that she is married and has two children I remember Sai's blessings and have been to Shirdi for getting his blessings.


For my daughter she keeps fast every Thursday goes to Lodhi Road Sai Mandir without fail and is leading a happy life. How can we dare to forget HIM?

Tilak Bhasker

In the month of October 1997 I suffered from very serious pain. I was unable to walk properly. I could not walk fast due to severe pain. I used to walk very slowly like an old man at the young age of 27. I consulted top surgeon for my problem, but my problem could not be diagnosed. I could not walk continuously even for a short distance of 200 meters. I had to leave my job in the month of June 1998, as my pain was very severe. I was almost bedridden. Due to this problem I had a lot of tension and all sorts of terrifying thoughts would come to me. I was very much afraid and I did not know what to do. Sometimes I would feel that I may die and would worry very much about my mother who is totally dependent on me.

Ever since my pain started in 1997 I was continuously repeating the name of Sai Baba throughout day and night. As doctor did not have any idea regarding my problem, I tried to find relief for my pain through other sources. I was told that I was suffering from Black Magic. I spent lot of money for curing myself of the black magic, but my pain was always there.

At last, when I visited Shirdi, I decided that from now on I would rely only on my god Sai Baba. I cried in front of Baba's Samadhi and asked for His forgiveness. I drank a bottle full of Baba's Samadhi water and applied it on the area of pain. This was in the year 1999. Today its May 2001 and my pain has reduced by 50%. For the last 3 and a half years I am continuously repeating Sai Baba's name day and night, and this is the reason why I am alive today. I am confident that though it may take more time, Sai Baba will fully cure me.



There are numerous occasions on which Baba answered our prayers. One of those when my nephew as a 5 year old boy was struggling with a hairline fracture in the knee. Doctor told us to admit the boy in Hospital and recommended complete bed rest.†

We took the boy to Baba's temple and applied UDI to the knee. After 2 days we again took the boy to the hospital thinking that the boy would be admitted in hospital. Doctor noticed a great improvement in the knee and the sent us back with few medicines. The boy was normal and healthy soon.

Prasanna Vadan

I come from Assam and as a child I grew up hearing a lot about Satya Sai Baba, my mother being his devotee, but little about Shirdi Baba. The first time I actually came to know about Baba was on a visit to my neighborís house. Devout Assamese Muslims, I was surprised to see the photo of Baba and incense sticks burning in front of it. Mrs. Hussain explained to my mother that she was a chronic heart patient who was surviving with Baba's grace. It so happened that after her first daughter was born, when the family was on visit to the States, she had to undergo a massive heart surgery, following which the doctors gave her little time and absolutely no hope of surviving any more pregnancies. It was then she took to Baba and came back to India. When we met her she was already the mother of two strapping sons and though pale and weak still had enough strength to praise Baba's grace. She continued to live as our favorite neighbor for many years and by the time she finally passed away, her daughter had already been happily married and her sons were well through college. It was then I thought that may be her Baba had been with this devoted mother all through her brave fight. But I was yet to discover Baba myself.†

After my marriage I found myself in a family of Sai devotees and I began visiting the Sai temple in Lodhi road, New Delhi. Three years after my marriage I suffered a miscarriage and the doctors told me conception could result in tragic consequences again. In the winter of 1996 my husband took his parents to visit Shirdi. One morning as he was sitting on a bench in the temple complex, an old man, barefoot in a washed -out dhoti, came up and sat next to him. My husband thought he looked tired and in need of money and so emptied all the cash he had in his pocket and told him "Baba, take this and buy something for yourself. This is all I have with me, I hope it will do for now". The old man looked at him, smiled and replied "When you have your son, don't forget to come here, your Baba will be waiting for you". My husband was surprised because the man had not even asked him if he was married.†

Within a month we immigrated to Canada and I was in a poor state following a botched up gall bladder operation. There were wounds oozing with blood from ruptured stitched all over my stomach and a team of Canadian medical experts could not fathom out what was going wrong, as all results were coming back normal. For 8 months from Feb 97(our arrival) to Sept 97 I thus suffered several minor surgeries and continuing battery of tests. It was then in Sept '97 I met a devotee of Baba - Guruma. I spoke to her about my woes and she blessed me and told me Baba would heal me. I was skeptical as I was losing hope but continued to pray to Him. Within 14 days of Guruma's words the last of my stitched, which had erupted a week back in a blaze of pus and blood, miraculously closed up and suddenly the trauma was over. All the stitches had healed and there was no infection anywhere anymore. Then to both our surprise in October'97 I conceived and my son, Neor Bhuyan Tiku, was born to almost a pain free delivery on 12th of July' 98. Though I had suffered from gestation diabetes and high blood pressure during my pregnancy and my doctor had been very apprehensive, there were absolutely no complications. The baby has today grown up to be a bonny two-year-old protected by Baba's grace and is awaiting his first visit to Baba's Shirdi.†

I thank Baba for the change He has brought into my life. Getting to know Him was a blessing for which I will be forever indebted to Him.† May the whole world be graced by the knowledge of Baba and may His devotees faith always remain unshaken.†

I conclude with a prayer in my mother tongue Assamese..."Sri Sri Saiguru, Tumak mur xaxasra pronam, Joi Guru Sai, Joi Guru Sai".

Devyani Bhuyan

My husband had cancer. While going through treatment, he went into semi-coma. He called me and said, I have seen a triangle in the clouds and many white chadars. After that He started going into deep coma and slurpy speech. All the well wisher who was with me at that time, helped me to pray to Sai Baba and we used to put vibuhiti on his forehead everyday in the morning and evening. The day we were told he is no more, we put bhajans of Sai Baba in his ears the whole evening and the following day. On the third day he opened his eyes and also wrote on a piece of paper. After that he recovered, and finally he told us that he had seen Sai Babaís hand with Om sign making him turn his route and he is back with us. This is our experience and we believe Sai Baba is with us all the time.

Sai Baba, You are our mother and father, you are our savior. We pray you always remain with us.