Experiences of the devotees who are seeing His helping hand at every moment, drawing inspirations and motivated by Baba
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Jai Sai Ram.

You motivate me and You are like my teacher.

Bivor lal Shrestha

When I was a small boy, I used to see my father doing prayer before Shri Shirdi Sai Baba's photo, whenever he had any kind of difficulty in his personal life. Before going out on a long journey of for that matter before going to his office, he used to pray before Shri Shirdi Sai Baba. By doing so, he used to cross all hurdles. I was impressed by his actions. I am now continuing to practice the same way. I am also experiencing the same kind of results after the prayer. I also pray before my father's photo to add strength to my prayers. I plead before all Sai devotees to adopt the same practice to tide over all their problems in their personal life.

Om Shri Sai.


Whenever I came across many approaches to do a work and get a result, I remember Shirdi Sai Baba and take one decision among many. Most of the times the result would be favorable and good to me. I then imagine how bad (worst) it would have been if I had taken the other way.

So great are my experiences with Baba in most of the occasions now a days "OM SAI SRI SAI JAYA JAYA SAI"

Dear Sir,

Without Sai, Life is like poison!!!

Whatever I am today, is just by grace of Sai Baba. One can feel him not only in Shirdi but also on any spot on this earth.

There is no doubt about his magic prayers, which changed life on numerous common people like me. This is the god may be in the universe who accept prayers from person irrespective of his/her religion and without disturbing feelings of that religion. May be only one in the world.

My full life is based on Saiís blessings. "Shirdi Mera Pandarpur, Sai pujya saman, Yehi Vithtal mere, Saware Ghanashyam"

Thanks for providing such service to share my experience.

Dr. Prashant D. Sawant

I find peace whenever I chant Babaís name


Shri SAI Jaya SAI Shirdi SAI,†

Sai is in my heart, he has given me what ever I want, and he is there with me whenever I wanted him to be on my side.††

I would only ask the one and only thing from him to be with all through my life, I request him to see to that I would be always with him though I am dead or alive.†

May the Lord give peace, happiness and comforts to every individual in this world.†



If we believe in Baba he will definitely solve our problems. I had many experiences in my life. I used to write 'SAI' koti. Till now I wrote 4lakhs. I prayed Baba to bless with a good husband. I got a very nice Hubby. If I get any problem I will first tell Baba. He will take care of everything but, we should believe and if you find any free time keep saying 'OM SAI RAM' in your Hearts. Then u will feel relaxed.


I love my dear Sai Ram he talks to me daily he loves me a lot he gives me the perfect answer whenever I ask him. I love him a lot. I know that he will give the best in my life and at last mukthi

I love you Sai Ram.

I love you a lot.

K. T. Subhashini

I don't know what to say about Sai as I am not qualified to write, say or express greatness of our Sai. I know for one thing that He is there watching everyone of us and without His blessings I or my family would not even exist and prosper.

My billions pranams to my Sai and whenever I am born again I should be a devotee of my Baba.


Sunil Dadlani

Dearest Friends

Sai Baba is my source of sustenance. He is ALWAYS there with me and all my friends and loved ones. Most of my friends are now ardent devotees of Sai Baba, and all of us have countless spiritual experiences, and feel the healing touch of Sai so many times a day.

I would like to tell you about one event in my life, which, like every other event, reaffirms my Faith in that supreme all-pervasive power. It was the second year of my masters, which I was doing in Jawaharlal Nehru university in New Delhi. I was very worried about what was going to happen to my career etc. after M.A., and I was dejected with the way things were proceeding. But when Sai is with you, life is like a dream. I was in the doldrums and thinking all those things people think when they are in that state, like what is the purpose of all this and what's existence all about and so on and so forth. And Baba was standing there all the time and seeing right through me, and testing my Faith in Him.

I must confess here that I think it is Baba who instills 'Shradha and Saboori'. I received 'rejection' letters from Universities where I had applied with such confidence and motivation and I had put my heart and soul into it. And then Baba waved His magic band. Someone passed on a form of the University of York to me and I filled it up expecting nothing in return. I didn't even receive their first confirmation of my acceptance in their MPhil program as it got lost in postal transit. I got that info through e-mail. But then they told me Scholarship was going to be difficult. So life was a roller coaster and I was feeling very sick in the ride. Then one fine day I learnt that I have got the unbelievable...a full scholarship.

Here I am now in a computer-room in this wonderful University (which is rated first in U.K. in Language and Linguistic Science, my discipline) and the least I can do is to relate this episode to you and what happiness it brought me, a very deep and fulfilling happiness that miracles happen, prayers can move mountains, and BABA IS THE SOLE DOER. He does what is best for you. Life is still the roller coaster it always was...but with a huge difference, I quite enjoy this superficial ride, for the permanence is the deep calm of the soul within. So for all of you my message is to hang on, things will look up very soon, WHY FEAR WHEN HE IS NEAR? Have total faith in Sai dear friends.

Srija Sinha

Dear Devotees

He helps those who are without back up or helpless.

Shashi Jha

Jai Sai Ram

I'm too small to say anything about my Lord, Sai Baba. He is always with me and helps me whenever I need him. So many times I had felt the very presence of my Guru, my Bhagwan. My message to everybody is that "Whatever he does is for better". Always have faith in Sai Baba and remember His words 'Shradha' and 'Saburi'.

Ashish Verma