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Baba has changed my faith in justice in three days. I love him; he has the power of love.

Kim Michael Frandsen

One day suddenly (When I wasn’t believing Baba) I just happened to say out of depression Sai. Without me knowing anything life has changed so much that now I say "Sai Sai" for everything. Life has changed a lot. I feel his guidance every minute.

Thanks Sai


While deciding on the type and matter for the wedding invitation of my son, as I was seeing a sample card with OM SRI SAI RAM. I had the desire to get this printed below the emblem of wedding but kept quiet as I was not sure of my husband's reaction and I did not want to be negated sentimentally. After giving clear instructions to the printer, about the various details like printing Lord Ganesh's picture on the front page, and family deity Lord Murugan on the inside page, we instructed about the contents of the 3rd page. We clearly did not mention of Baba at all. But when the proof arrived, I was stunned to see 'OM SRI SAI RAM' and felt emotional. I told my husband of my inherent desire to have these words, and he too was moved. We of course had Baba's blessings and still have. We had the card printed according to my unexpressed wish.

Thank you Baba for listening to us.

Krishna Giridhar

I started knowing Baba just recently. I have experienced miracle like Baba turning flowers turn into bhabhuti (sacred ash) and red powder. 
Try to have faith in Him and you'll get what you want. No matter that I have never seen Baba in real life, but I have seen give darshan. Baba is the source of your life. He teaches you to go on the right way. So try and say His name once or more a day and you'll successful. 

I normally go to Satsang on Thursdays and Sundays at a Temple in extension 4 Lenasia south daxina - Johannesburg - South Africa.

All Baba’s miracles appear at this temple in Johannesburg. On special occasions Baba always brings us the different color strings and Baba always showers us with sweets, almonds and vibuthi (sacred ash). Sai Baba always blesses all our offerings and all our letters at this temple. Baba is always present at this temple. You have to visit this temple to believe and see what Baba brings for us.

Shaun Kondiah

Two years ago I used to study in hostel. I always have Baba's ring on my hand. One day as I was taking bath the ring slipped away from my hand and rolled down. I cried out loudly "Sai Baba". The ring automatically stopped there. I was really surprised for that incident. Really Baba is always with those who believe Him. From then onwards my belief on Him grew more.