Experiences of the devotees who have experienced the Omnipresence / Darshan of Shri Sai
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I never knew Him before 1975. Around that time I was in my 10th class and while chatting with a friend (her name is "Sai" too) I first heard about Shirdi and Sri Sai Baba. They were telling about their visit to Shirdi. I just liked the name 'Sai' then it sounded so sweet and simple. After that I thought I also should visit Shirdi and Him one day. Later on I got busy in life and forgot about Him for 16 years (busy with my father's transfers, college, Marriage and children). But in all these years I keep hearing His name from somewhere or the other. My desire of seeing Sai was never expressed out. Occasionally when I hear the name Shirdi I used to think one day I should go and see what so great about that place.

Baba knows that I wanted to come to Him but donít know how. I never had a chance to suggest to anybody that we go to Shirdi. I heard people saying He will call us to Him. I believe this is one of his miracles that they say He performs with out your knowledge. Just like that, just to fulfill my unexpressed wish to visit Shirdi and him at least once.

In 1991 my husband was not happy in his profession started looking for other jobs. Baba decided its time I come and see Him every week and not just once in my life by giving and gave my husband good position for my husband with a reputed concern in Aurangabad. We went to Aurangabad in 1991 and for one and half years we used to go to Shirdi almost every Sunday. This I believe is one of His blessings to me. Of all the places in the country why would he give a better job to my husband only in Aurangabad? If not to give life to my wish that was buried in my subconscious mind for 16 years?

OM, Namo Sai


It happens with me many times while I'm on my way to work place or to back, I try my best to chant OM SRI SAI RAM
and Baba make his presence by showing his photograph in a car or auto passing by me

Arunima Nagpal

Prior to 1989 I did not know about SRI SHIRDI SAI BABA. Somebody gave me the photograph of SRI SAI BABA during the month of January, 1989. Whenever I looked to that photograph, I felt SRI SAI BABA was smiling at me. Indeed it was a magnetic effect and I felt I must visit SHIRIDI. In the month of July1989 my neighbor invited me to visit SHIRIDI along with him. I visited SHIRIDI and that was the turning point in my life. From 07-06-1990 onwards daily I started reading "SAI SATCHARITA" written by SRI NAGESH VASUDEV GUNAJI, and since then my life style was totally changed.† Prior to 1989 I was living like a vagabond. The day I started reading "SAI SATCHARITA" I felt responsibility in my family life and Official life. It was on 11-04-1991 I was reading chapter 21, of SRI SAI SATCHARITA and the following lines in the page 111 attracted me, "You should study this book and if you do so, your desires will be fulfilled; and when you go to the North in discharge of your duties in future, you will come across a great Saint by your good luck, and then he will show you the future path, and give rest to your mind and make you happy".

In the month of March 1991 there was a talk in the Office that some Officers will be sent on official duty to Sweden and South Korea. On 11-04-1991 at 07.30 a.m. I prayed BABA to give me a chance to go abroad. When I reached my office on 11-04-1991 I was asked to sign the Passport papers. On that day I came to know that Chief Executive has recommended my name along with another name to visit South Korea. When I signed the passport papers I felt happy and bowed my head on the Lotus Feet of Lord SAINATH, and offered my "PRANAMS". I got my official passport and VISA on 01-05-1991 in my hand. Myself and Co-officer left Hyderabad on 05-05-1991 to South Korea. It was on 06-05-1991 the time was 01.00am and my security check was over in the Bombay International Airport and I felt I must pray SAI BABA before entering the aircraft. In the airport I felt happy to see the photo of SAI BABA in one shop and I stood and prayed in front of that Photograph for two minutes and entered the aircraft. After the flight departed I closed my eyes for ten minutes and started chanting OM SAI-SRI SAI-JAYA JAYA SAI. I felt overjoyed when I learnt that the passenger sitting next to me is from SHIRIDI. In the morning I washed my face and started reading KAKADA ARATI, the gentleman sitting by the side of me (Mr. RAJ.I.MIRPURI) asked me to read the Kakada Arati little loudly so that he too can listen to it. I completed reading the Kakada Arati and offered the Morning breakfast as Naivedyam to Sai, and offered the Prasad to that Gentleman. He questioned what is the guarantee that it is SAI PRASAD. I felt I must answer to his question and I prayed SAI about my position. When I looked to the breakfast plate cover I found letters SAI on it. It was actually printed as SWISSAIR on it and I underlined the letters SAI with my pen and shown to that gentleman the word SAI. I told him ANNAM (Food) is PARABRAHMA SWARUPAM and SAI is PARABRAHMA. He congratulated me for the feelings I had about SAI, and presented sweet packet. I asked that gentleman to give his visiting card so that I can drop a letter to him when I go back to India. With a smile he gave me his Visiting Card and left the aircraft.

We reached CHANG WON City in Korea in the evening. During SAJE ARATI of SAI BABA I Prayed SAI to give me a feeling that he is in the CHANGWON CITY also. After the Arati my host has taken me to balcony of my hotel room and started showing me the CHANG WON City in lights. To my surprise I could see big NEON letters SAI on a nearby hotel. It was a SALOON like BAR where you can relax and drink beer etc. To fulfill my wish SAI appeared in the Form of NEON LIGHTS (SAI) and proved that he is everywhere on Earth. After completing my official work in South Korea, I returned to Hyderabad on 21-05-1991 and written two letters to that gentleman of Hong Kong, and I could not get any reply from him. When I could not get any reply I felt he is SAI and I checked the Visiting Card and I could see small size emblem of GLOBE on the card and felt SAI is Everywhere in this Universe.


Gopalarao Ravada

After Sai Darshan I Feel complete peace in my mind & heart & feel happiness. Sometime I feel Baba is helping me. This is truth.


One day Baba appeared in my dream and was looking at me with His loving glances. I feel Baba is looking me and Baba is always with me. I love Baba and I believe Baba. My husband first didnít believe now he really believes. Baba is helping him too.


I started going to the Sai Baba temple in September 97, and since then I have a very firm belief in Him. I even believe that I have seen Him, though a lot of you might not believe this. Sometime in October last year, while I was visiting the Shirdi Sai Baba temple in Chattarpur, I felt that I had the wonderful experiencing of meeting Baba. I still believe that it was Baba but a lot of my friends who heard this did not agree with me.†

While I was entering the temple, I just saw this man clad in a dhoti, and dressed just like Baba, that same face, the same look, looking at me, and for a second I thought that I saw something that I couldn't believe. It was that same calm look on his face just watching me as I was going to enter the temple. I just couldn't concentrate while I was inside. I came out and looked at the same place again and there was nobody there. But I was very sure that I had seen Baba. But just to make sure, I asked a few people around if they saw somebody dressed like that, and they all said no, and when I told them that I think that I just saw Baba around many of them laughed at me.†

But till date I still believe that it was Baba who gave Darshan. I have a very firm faith in Baba, and hope this faith grows stronger by the day.†

Jai Sai Ram.

Vikas Lal

Sai Baba came in my dreams once and told me to take sanyas. Till date I have not been able to fully decipher. My humble request is to any devotee to please decipher it for me. I was depressed after I lost my job but thanks to Sai I got another job which I feel is due to my faith in Baba.

Suresh Nair

****************** Om Sai ******************
I am basically born and brought up in Kopargaon. The village very next known to Baba's holy place. It has bundles of my memories. My childhood went playful by the grace of Baba. In my past life I went through many ups and downs and it is Baba who stands in my eyes and blesses me. It is Baba's idol I first saw in my neighborhood that made me imagine how GOD might be.

I have no single experience to share but I believe my life itself is a fruitful experience of having birth and more than 3 decades in and around Baba's place. I wish I often visit Baba's temple. I with all my family members worship Baba not less than a real devotee does.

Ankush Avhad

I had been drawn to Sri Sai Baba as a result of hearing about his qualities from my friends and relatives. I had wanted to visit the Sai Baba temple at Institutional Area, Lodi Road for some time but some how could not do it. One day I was coming from somewhere and my driver by mistake took a different route from the one he would normally take and we passed Sri Sai Baba's temple. As soon as my car came in front of the temple, the tire had a puncture and the car came to a stop right in front of the temple gate and I could see Sri Baba's idol. I went and had darshan. From that day my driver and me have become staunch followers of Sri Sai Baba.

Jai Sri Ram -† Jai Sri Sai

Ashok Dayal

Dearest Baba thanks to you for showing me this wonderful site. My hearty congratulations to the developers of this site. I think this is wonderful piece of work and you have Blessings of Baba to get his work done through you. I am a regular visitor of www.saibaba.org site and have seen your address on it.

My life is greatly influenced by his holiness Sri Sai Baba, he is my father mother and brother. There are many instances in my life which have moved me and my family members. I find that he is only one god where one can communicate with and you get response. I converse with him and he gives me answers through his devotees or through the web sites. And I know it is from him alone for his methods of teachings are incomprehensible as it is the question that pose to Him and He alone knows my inner feelings and of course He has to answer me. I have this relation with BABA when ever I visit Shirdi I want him to show his presence there by presenting me with something which would be a surprise but definitely in his form. Once when I went with my family and In-Laws we stayed in a hotel for two days and still there was no hint from him or his presence I started getting depressed. We were checking out of the hotel to catch our train when the hotel maid came and gave me a Telugu Sai !

Baba songs book saying somebody left it here and we speak Marathi, as you are Telugu you keep it. It had the beautiful picture of BABA sitting on the stone with his legs crossed. On other occasion this was my third visit to him We stayed for three days and on our way back we had to go to a village and catch the Manmad express, we were lost and did not know what to do, we went to the railway counter they were not able to help us too. We went for Baba's last Darshan my husband lost his shoes, we started walking towards the bus depot and looo! there right in front of us was the bus that was to take us to the station. Isn't amazing as to how he works and shows us that he is always with us.

Om Sai Ram




Happy periods and bad times are common features in every body's life. It is also quite common to think about god only in the hour of crisis. Lord SAINATH has always been kind to be with me on all the occasions. Prior to 1989, I did not know about this great saint. It was during the months of January, February of 1989. One of my friends presented me with a photograph of SAI and with due respects I got it positioned in my drawing room. The light smile on the face of SAI inspired me a lot and was instantly drawn to it and from then onwards forever. It was regular practice to visit the temples of Lord Anjaneya and Goddess Pochamma on all Saturdays. Days were passing on and I have decided to go to SHIRDI on advice from my friend Shri.Bhonsle. As usual I started for my temple ritual with Rs.4/- in my pocket and offered Rs.2/- to priest in Anjaneya temple. Rs.1/- to an old woman outside the temple and Rs.1/- to Goddess Pochamma. On that particular Saturday the elderly woman outside greeted me traditionally and I promised to pay her normal due. On coming out I noticed another stranger an old aged person in Khaki colored shorts and Shirt, White Headgear Tin Pot and a Wand, stretching his arm for money. With a pause I parted with the balance Rs.1/- and offered a plain visit to the other temple. I left the place and could see the old man rubbing the coin and gazing at me with a smile writ on his face. I was to set out for my travel to SHIRDI on the same day afternoon. A passing thought ran through my mind and perhaps it could be that SAI came in the form of old man to receive dakshina from me.

Immediately I rushed to the temple again and he was not available there. I inquired from the old woman. I was told that an aged person with a white dhoti, white khafni, a tin pot and a wand was inquiring whether devotees to this temple offer any alms to people like him. The lady it seems promptly replied that I would offer her Rs.1/- and he too can ask for it when I come outside. I was at loss to understand as to how he appeared to me in a different dress than what the old lady has described. The old lady must have been very fortunate to have his grace though ignorantly was my feeling then. He immediately disappeared from the scene. To me it was SAI who took dakshina from me, with a typical smile perhaps at my failure to recognize him in the first attempt. I ran fanatically through all streets to locate him on my two-wheeler but could not trace him. I reached SHIRDI the next day morning (Sunday) and gazed the marble statue of SHRI SAINATH with folded hands and tearful eyes. Needless to say that my imagination ran to the old man in khaki shorts and shirt. From then on he has always been with me through thick and thin and extending constant and continued support.

Gopalarao Ravada