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I started Sai Satcharitra on Thursday. And today is the 7th day. This morning as I was reading Satcharitra at work for sometime, a thought crossed my mind that I should have Baba’s picture in my office cube. Since I had 2 photo frames at home, I thought I would get the smaller one and put it on my desk. But, the smaller frame also seemed too big for me as I didn't want to display my religious inclinations at work. I wanted something smaller and compact, which I did not have with me.

After lunch when I came back to work, I thought I would read the book for a while. And when I opened the book. a small pocket size picture of Sai Baba fell out of the book onto my desk. I am not sure who put it there or where it came from, but it presented itself at the right moment.

I dint see the picture in the book even though I was reading it for the past

6 days. I was surprised and excited at the same time as to how this happened. As I was thinking about it this morning itself. For me it is nothing less than a miracle. Even now, if I think about that incident

I really feel elated and pleased that Baba is with me all the time to protect me and save me from trouble!

Samartha Sadguru. Shri Sainath Maharaj ki jai!


After reading a few books about Sri Sai Baba Maharaj, I had a dream in which Sai Baba spoke to me saying everything would be all right. This is during a period, which has seen my business, struggling as well as the health of my wife has not been good. I was very worried, as usually things had gone well for me. Any such personage does not usually visit me in dreams. Now it is told to me that it is not unusual for Sai Baba to visit his devotees in this way. 

I am happily accepting Sai Baba's selection of me as a devotee and am seeing now that I have so many brothers and sisters all under his protection. Although I am unworthy I cannot deny the experience and community. Every moment there is more clarity of his Darshan everywhere for me. May Sai Baba come to all and save and protect us in this world.


Hello Everyone,

I would like to Share My Experience with all SAI Devotees. My husband tried to get H1 visa for my brother-in-law from Aug 2000. The papers were sent to INS in October 1st week 2000 and till December we did not receive any information from INS (not even the receipt number). On Jan 30th 2001 we applied through another company and after 4 weeks we learnt that INS has sent the papers back as some documents & the cheque were missing.

By them I am a regular visitor to this site, and & I read one of our devotees experience that after reading Sai Satcharitra for 7days on 8th day itself Miracle Happened & her desire got fulfilled. So, I thought of reading Sai Satchritra with full belief & I started reading on April 12th & I finished by April 19th. On April 20th we got a mail saying that My Brother-in-law 's Receipt number (LIN Number) has come & I prayed god that if this Miracle Happens I am going to share my Experience with all Sai Devotees. I became very Happy that Baba heard my Prayers. With BABA blessings Surely he will get his H1 & very soon we will see them in U.S.

Finally Dear Devotees Sai Baba is a Karuna Murthy, He will give what ever you want, and Just we Should Believe him With Whole Heart.



In April 2000, I got a job in Bahrain and was scheduled to fly on 10th. I was working in Bombay till then. My Parents live in Goa and I decided to visit them before I leave. I was praying that I'll go to Shirdi and take Baba’s Darshan and carry Sai Satcharita with me. Intention was to continue the Adhay Parayan. There was a long gap of 7 years, as I never read it after 1993. I could not make it to Shirdi before I left for Bahrain. However, while I was in Goa (3rd week of March), somebody told me a new Sai Baba Mandir is built and Saibaba Murthi (Idol) will be installed on Rama Navami. I could not wait in Goa till Ramanavami. So I visited that temple and prayed to Sai Baba photograph. My eyes met his and within moments, I had tears in my eyes. Really don’t know, why? Then, to my surprise the young poojari (priest) came and said "we have Sai Satcharita here and we sell them. If you want to buy, I will also give a rare photograph of Sai Baba free". I was stunned and realized Baba is everywhere. He knew I wanted the Grantha and moreover, he wanted me to possess one. Now that I am in Bahrain, I have completed one Parayan of the Grantha (book) on 7th day following Ramanavami.


During the year 1991 I was trying for a good marriage alliance for my daughter but I could not succeed in this process. It was on 01-01-92 New Year's day morning I prayed Sri SAI BABA of SHIRIDI and asked for a message regarding the marriage of my daughter. I closed my eyes and opened a page in the SAI SATCHARITA written by Sri Nagesh Vasudev Gunaji. To my surprise it was page 241 chapter 47 and the message was "I told him not to worry about this, as the bridegroom himself would come seeking her".

I was very happy as the message indicates marriage of my daughter will takes place in the year 1992. In the month of January 1992 One of my friends took the necessary details of my daughter so that he will give it to some known person for her marriage. On 17-02-1992 I received a phone call from someone who came from Visakhapatnam to seek my daughter’s alliance. I was in dilemma and prayed Baba, Sri SAI BABA instantly answered my prayer and advised me to go ahead. The boy and their parents liked my daughter and on 20-02-1992, the marriage of my daughter was fixed. I felt Sri SAI has given a good bridegroom to my daughter. The marriage fixed on 10-05-1992 at 06.58 a.m. in Hyderabad. I prayed Baba to help me in the marriage activities and for the success of the marriage on 22-03-1992 in the afternoon sleep Sri SAI BABA appeared to me in the dream in the form of my Father (LATE SRI R.V.RAO) and promised me that he will help me in my daughters marriage and he will attend the marriage also. I was surprised how a dead person (my father) can attend the marriage and help me in the marriage.

IN SAI SATCHARITA chapter 40 page 212 SRI SAI BABA says "I always to think about him for those who remembers me, I require no conveyance, i.e carriage, Tonga, (Horse drawn Cart) or an Aero plane. I run and manifest myself to him, who lovingly calls on me". I felt SRI SAI BABA might not attend the marriage of my daughter in the form of my father. SRI SAI says in the SAI SATCHARITA page 151 chapter 28 "I have no form nor any extension - I live Everywhere" SRI SAI BABA further told in chapter 40 page 213 "See, to keep my words I would even sacrifice my life, I would never be untrue to my words". I totally surrendered to SRI SAI BABA and started the marriage arrangements. In the month of March 1992 wedding cards were printed and as per the directions of SRI SAI I posted First card to Genesh Temple, Ranathambhor, Second card to Balaji Temple, Tirupathi, Third card to Sri Sai Baba in Shiridi. Then I posted five cards abroad and prayed Baba to see that at least one family from abroad attends the marriage.

The day before the marriage I prayed Baba to help me in carrying out the necessary activities. On the day of marriage I was very busy in the morning and could not spare even five minutes time for reading the SAI SATCHARITA. I was having Ahamkar (Pride) that I can spare daily time for SATCHARITA PARAYANA. Sri Sai made me so much busy that I could not touch the SAI SATCHARITA on that day, and he removed my Ahamkar. I totally forgot Sri Sai in the marriage and I was talking to my friends and bridegroom's relatives. It was around 11.45 a.m. the Pandit of Bridegroom has come to me along with a Brahmin and asked me to give some Dakshina to the Brahmin. I thought the Brahmin must be his relative, and I gave Rs.21/- as Dakshina. Then the Brahmin was asking about food. The Pandit has sent him to dining hall to take the food along with other guests. In the dining hall I noticed that the Brahmin who took Dakshina from me was smiling towards me, I felt he may ask more money and so I left that place. I was completely occupied with the relatives and guest and did not even take the food till night.

After the MUHARAT in the morning my well wisher who came to the marriage from U.S.A has offered the Break-fast and told. Had I not taken the breakfast it would have become FASTING day to me. SRI SAI is against fasting and he never allowed his devotees to observe fasting. (Ref.Chapter 32 page 173). In the night before I was going to bed I prayed Sri Sai Baba and conveyed my thanks to him for the success of the marriage. I felt Sri Sai Baba has not attended the marriage and it was Baba's breach of promise. Sri Sai has promised on 22-03-1992 that he will attend the marriage, if Sri Sai Baba attended the marriage in which form he attended? It was a question to me and I asked Sri Sai to kindly clear my doubts. Sri Sai Baba appeared to me in the dream in the form of Brahmin (who took Rs.21/- from me as Dakshina) and was smiling. 

I got up from my bed and stood in front of Sai's Photograph and blamed myself for not recognizing Sai who attended my daughter's marriage without fail. Next day to cross check I asked Bridegrooms Pandit about the Brahmin who took Rs.21/- as Dakshina from me. He informed that the Brahmin is a Stranger to him who happened to come to the marriage. I felt that STRANGER is none other than SAI.


Saibanisa Gopalarao Ravada

Om Sairam,

I would like to share my experiences with all Sai Devotees. I completed my graduation in 1989. Then I wanted to do a professional course. So I joined Chartered Accountancy. In spite of my hard work I could not complete the course. I was struggling not knowing what to do in life. At that time I came across lot of advertisements with requirements for computer professionals. So I started doing some part-time computer diploma courses. I first started worshipping Baba in September 1997. I did parayana of Sai Leelas by Acharya Bharadwaja. After I completed the parayana I came to know about an ERP package that is in great demand in USA. By paying huge fees I underwent training in that particular ERP package. Then after applying for jobs I got selected through telephonic interview for a company in US. I got my visa papers after 6 to 8 months. Then when I went for visa stamping to the American Consulate the visa was refused. I was very much disturbed and lost all hope of going to US. I prayed to Baba to pull me out of my troubles. Then after 2 months things started moving and in January 1999 I got my visa stamping. I am leaving for US next month. Even though I was going through great difficulties Baba has pulled me out of danger and has brought happiness to me and my family. I thank Sai Baba for his blessings and the friends in Dwarakamai for their support.

Pray and bow to Sri Sai peace be to all.


I am one of those many people who were saved by the Grace of Baba. My mother is a devotee of Shri Sai. Many times I did not heed to my mother's advice to have Faith in Baba. 
It is when I went through a bad patch in my career during the year 1992-93 I started reading SHRI SAI SATCHARITRA. I did Parayana 7 weeks continuously praying Baba that I must be out of all the problems by the end of 7 parayanas. To great satisfaction of my mother and me I came out of those problems and got an excellent break in my career. 

I again went through the tough times of my life during 1998 - 99. All my money was blocked and the very existence in professional world was under threat. It is then by the guidance of true Baba's devotees I met Guruji Shri C.B.Satpathy. Guruji repeatedly told me not to loose faith and patience and guided me as his own child. I do not have words to express how Guruji took care of me during those tough days.  
With the blessings of Guruji I left for US in August 99 in search of job. After a couple of months of initial struggle I completely lost faith in Baba. Then I spoke to Guruji over telephone and Guruji mentioned that I would get a job in a week’s time. To my great surprise and satisfaction I got a job within a week and currently doing well in US. I have cleared all my loans, financially better and satisfied in my job.

I forget Baba at every step of my life, but He won't forget us. I do not know whether I have Baba in my heart or not but Baba definitely has everybody in His heart.

Prasanna Vadan