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Jai Sai Nath

All I would like to share is that I have always experienced him by my side. He does not speak but watches you on every step of life. Baba, the trust you laid in us to work on this site, shows how much you love us. Please guide us through on the path you have shown us.

From an entry of a stranger in our office at Noida, whom I didn't know and formation of a team among us is an example of what you have planned for us.

Baba the way you shower your blessings on us, please keep doing on all your children. The way you have raised our faith & confidence in you may please be extended to every child of yours who bow to you.

Baba bless all

Jai Sai Ram

Ravi Mehra

I came to know about Baba through a friend who gave me Baba's photograph. Baba has seen me through very difficult periods in my life. I am very glad to have found this web site. I would also like to get in touch with other Baba’s devotees, especially in London.

Usha Vohra

Having found this site has brought tears of joy to me.

I am borne of western influence, yet find more and more every day, that my heart/head/soul find comfort and understanding when I see or read things about Sai Baba, this is something I have needed/wanted all my life...as is should be!

Thank you Baba.


OM SRI SAI RAM.       


Yesterday when I was browsing the net, I was happy to see this web site through search. Let Sai Baba who blessed me with joy and happiness may bless all the people who visit this web site. 
Jai Sai Ram! 

I am very happy to see your web sites

Sasmita Mohanty

Om Sai Ram,

thanks for creating such a wonderful site on our beloved lord Sai Baba whose greatness knows no bounds and it cannot be expressed in words, whatever we do or think is all known to Him he is the sole doer of all the deeds,


Parvinder Kaur Rathee

What a wonderful effort and what care taken!

The colors, the details, the flowers, the photos, all, all, speak voluminously of HIS greatness and HIS love for all HIS devotees all over
the world.

Please continue your noble work and thrill us all so that we may come closer towards HIS holy feet. Please email to me any future further additions and enhancements. But please, please, make sure that your file is free from any viruses.

Much obliged.



Its an very good site aimed at bringing people closer to SAI BABA and thus bringing love between people. With the grace of god this site will do well and let Baba bless all.



Jay Sainath Baba,

I have no word say about Baba but whenever you go to Shirdi then you fill that how great and how kind Baba is. I have so many experiences from Baba I also saw Baba when I went to Shirdi first time. There is some word that you have to faith in Baba and whatever he do which is always good for you. I love Baba. I found a site of Shirdi ke Saibaba and saw to Baba and I can't stop crying because it took 1 year to see Baba. Whoever made this site of Baba will bless him and thank you very much because I'm living in Canada and its hard to see Baba of Shirdi. Yes Baba always with us but real "Darshan" of Baba is in Shirdi Thank you Baba and give your blessing to all people of this world.

Saurin Dave

Dear Organizers,

My pranaams at the lotus feet of Shri Shirdi Sai Baba as I convey my greetings to you all there. You have done a sublime service by opening this web site. It has brought such peace to me, and I am sure to many others like me. Baba has said in His SatCharita, that seeing Him anywhere, in a dream, in a vision, or in a photograph, is a Darshan by Him. Here in the UK I had no way of seeing Baba anywhere else and Lo and Behold, He gave me Darshan here too, through this web site. My heartfelt gratitude to all of you, agents of Shri Sai Baba, and my pranaams to Guruji.


Srija Sinha

I am a Sai Devotee and I have been to Shirdi so many times. I was just browsing through the Internet and suddenly this thought occurred to me and so I searched for Shirdi Sai Baba. It was such a pleasant surprise to see this web site. I was really thrilled. I stay in the US and I would like to know if there are any temples here. Please include me in the list and keep me updated about everything.



I found this site through search and I like the site very much. I would be a regular visitor of the site. 
Om Sai Sri Sai Jai Jai Sai


The joy it is to see BABA on the website is something great. It is certainly true that without the devine intervention such wonderful creation would not have been possible.

Lipa Pati

Dear Sir,

I am very happy to received your mail few days back because just a month back I went to Shirdi and now I received your mail it is really the most happy moment for me because I searched a lot the photograph of Baba which took in 1915 in a sitting posture but people at Shirdi told me that print is now out of print but now I downloaded that photograph from your web site this really the that Baba will hear their devotee's request.

Again thanks you for writing me please do inform me for anything new happening at Shirdi and do put me on your mailing list.

Bowing in Baba’s lotus feet

Rohit Choudhary

It is a very pious site ...gives good vibrations!

Mrs. Rama Bole

Home page has come beyond our small expectations by the grace of Lord