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Hari Om Baba†

What can I say about Sai? There is lot to tell about Him. Baba is not only in Shirdi but Baba is present everywhere. He is present by the devotee whenever we call Him to rescue. Being on the path of truth, love and having faith in Him will remove all sufferings of life.†

Baba comes to everyone and calls every one but we people go as per our convenience .His two words Shraddha & Saburi are the real weapons, which can get us all out of this vicious circle of life & death.††

Being at His feet will give the strength to stand all the trying situations in life. Baba is ever ready to protect and help His children.†

My sastang namaskar to Baba† May I live at his feet & live on the path which Sai wants & that too on the path of satya & dharma††

May Sai reach everyone & let all know him††

Baba aap ke bina to zindagi adhuri hai†
Luv from your son†


I have been visiting Shirdi at least once in every year with my family. All my family members believe in Sai Baba. I personally have complete faith in Sai Baba.

I would like to convey that the "UDI" offered at Shirdi holds a very important value in our house. We apply the same "ANGARA" everyday.

This "Udi" has always been with us while traveling and during sickness. So please believe in " UDI" this is like a SANJEEVANI offered by RAM. I am sure " UDI " will keep you away from all the dangers/problems in life.

Apply the "Angara" daily before leaving the house and before sleeping.

Thanks. For such a wonderful site.

Suyog Thorbole

"Come what may, leave not, but stick to your Bolster (support, i.e. Guru) and ever remain steady, always at-one-ment (in union) with him." Pant at once knew the significance of this remark and thus he was reminded of his Sad-guru. This kindness of Baba he never forgot in his life.††

You are right the Satcharitra does have all the answers

: Thanks†

Ashoka Harichandan

I am a devotee of my Guruji yogi raj Shriramji Saharaj, who believes in Lord Ram. Since a lot many years I used to live near the Sai temple in new Delhi, which has some aura surrounding it, I donít know what, but something, which cannot be described.

Jai Shri Ram