"Baba's Album" takes you through a series of visuals that gives feeling of visiting Shirdi at the site and also participating in important occasions like 'Palki Procession', 'Rath Procession'. The information in this section is organized as below:

    Samadhi Mandir - The Samadhi Mandir is the place where the mortal remains of Shri Sai Baba are entombed. The 'Samadhi' is built in white marble, with ornamental borders of beautiful inlay work. A magnificent idol of Shri Sai Baba carved out in Italian marble is there along the 'Samadhi'. Visit Samadhi Mandir

    Dwarkamai - This is the mosque where He lived His divine advent and performed Leelas (Divine play). The feeling of His physical presence persists even today most overwhelmingly. Visit Dwarkamai

    Gurusthan - Shri Sai was first seen sitting under Margosa tree in this place at the outskirts of Shirdi. Later Baba himself referred this as a Holy and sanctified resting-place of his spiritual ‘ancestor’ or Master. Visit Gurusthan

    Chawadi - This is the place where Baba used to sleep on alternate nights. Visit Chawadi

    Lendi Garden / Nanda Deep - Lendi Bagh (Garden) assumed much spiritual prominence as a place, where Baba meditated for a few hours everyday. Visit Lendi Bagh

    Khandoba Temple - The deity of this temple is Khandoba one form of Lord Shiva. This temple has the honour of welcoming Sai in Shirdi. Visit Khandoba

    Palki Procession - Baba used to sleep in Chawri on every alternate night, between the year 1910 to 1918. This sojourn to Chawri from Dwarkamai was preceded by a 'Palki' procession with all regal paraphernalia. This tradition of 'Palki' procession continues with the same fervour and devotion. Participate in Palki Procession

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